(v)vegetarian (va)vegetarian alternative available
(gf)gluten free (ga)gluten free alternative available

Balmain Bug Dumplings (va)

Steamed delicate dumplings filled with Balmain Bugs meat, served with a pickled ginger & rice vinegar. 3 pce

Wagyu Beef Dumplings(va)

House-made pan-fried Wagyu beef Guo Tie Dumplings, served with a tangy yuzu chilli vinaigrette. 3pce

Lamb Shank in Golden Sands (va)

Lamb shank stewed in Master stock, flaked off the bone and lightly fried, wok tossed in baked golden coconut, garlic, sesame and shallots. Served in two lettuce cups.

Traditional Peking Duck (ga)

Roasted Crispy Duck with baton cucumber & spring onion served on crepe & Hoisin sauce. 2 pce

Lotus Root & Pork Parcels(va)

Sliced young lotus root with lean pork mince in between, crispy fried in a light tempura batter with a vinegar ginger dipping sauce and Edamame. 3 pce

Shao Lin Tofu Puffs (v)(gf)

Eaten by the famous Shao Lin monks. Lightly fried tofu puff, served with cinnamon caramelised tofu and fresh silky tofu. 2 pce

King Prawn & Green Papaya (gf)

Chargrilled whole Green King Prawns with Cajun spice, served with a Thai style Green Papaya, grilled pineapple, mint leaves and melody tomatoes salad. 2 pce

XinJiang Lamb Skewers (gf)

Famous street food from China, tender lamb skewers char-grilled with a sprinkle of cumin, chilli and Asian spices, served with a crunchy cucumber, onion salsa and honey yoghurt. 2 pce