(v)vegetarian (va)vegetarian alternative available
(gf)gluten free (ga)gluten free alternative available

Wild Mushroom Duck Breast

Double-broiled tender free range duck breast on a bed of baby spinach, topped with a wild asian mushroom.

Crispy Xiang Su Duck

Confit of free range duck maryland coated with a thin layer of taro mash then crispy fried, dressed with honey ginger infused Chinese aged vinegar. Accompanied with pickled nashi pear.

Kung Po Chicken (ga)

Traditional spicy Szechuan Dish. Diced supreme of Chicken Sautéed in Garlic, Shallot, Chilli Soy Vinegar accompanied with roasted Macadamia Nut & Garlic Stems.

Pork Belly in Lotus Leaf

Slow-cooked pork belly with 3 kinds of soy sauce, rock sugar and mixed spices, wrapped in Lotus leaves with sticky rice.

Peppercorn Angus Cubesk (gf)

Angus tenderloin wok tossed w green peppercorn & sugar snap peas. (served medium rare)

Massaman Beef Cheek (gf)

Beef cheek slowly braised in Thai Massaman spices and coconut milk until tender, partnered with roasted taro and dressed with fried crispy onion.

Typhoon Shelter Ocean Trout(ga)

Lightly fried Ocean Trout fillet pieces coated in a thin tempura batter, wok tossed with chilli, shallot, onion and coriander w 'golden sand' shovelled on top.

Singapore Chilli Prawns (gf)

King prawns in our chef’s Singapore chilli sauce, served on crispy pan-fried rice noodle w Angel hair chilli.

Dragon Cut Baby Eggplant (v)

Whole baby eggplant exquisitely cut and lightly fried and presented as a nesting dragon on crispy noodles, finished with a rich chilli, garlic and vinegar sauce.

Szechuan Green Bean (v)(ga)

Szechuan style cooked fresh green bean & smoked bean curd.

Sticky Lamb Ribs

Slow-cooked Lamb Ribs coated with cumin, Lemongrass Jam, Lime Juice and sugar cured kumquat.

Char-Siu Lamb Shank

Twice cooked whole Lamb Shank, Char-Siu style roasted with Kimlan Soy, Baby Bok Choy & Grilled Solo Garlic.



Steamed Jasmine Rice
Per Person $4.00

Steamed Bao
2 pcs $4.00

Fried Mantou Bread
2 pcs $4.00

Roti Pratha
1 pc $4.00

Mixed Seasonal Vegetables
Small $9.90 – Large $14.90