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Gong Hei Fatt Choy 2018

On 16th Feb 2018, we celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dog!
This year, we carry on with Wild Duck's tradition in bringing to everyone a specially designed banquet for the Lunar New Year celebration.
Available between 16th Feb 2018 and 4th March 2018 inclusive. Prior booking is essential.

Fortune Banquet $89pp


Shredded Lebanese cucumber with chilli, garlic & chinese aged vinegar


Huon Salmon "YEE SANG LO HEY", Prosperity Salad with yellow radish, red raddish, sesame, crispy wonton skin


Traditional Peking Duck, tele-cucumber, chives, hoisin soy & plum Jam


Double boiled Cowra lamb rib, pickled white cabbage, carrot & cumin. Served with lotus leaf bun.


Stuffed lebanese eggplant with Australia Tiger King Prawn & Kong Pao sauce.


Chiverton pork spare ribs cooked in 'Wu Xi style" with tropical fruit salsa & pork cracklings.


Coral cut Australian red snapper toss with finger lime, capsicum, pineapple & Chin Jiang vinegar.


Baked 450-500g salty spatchcock, dried leek & marinated peanut.


Five Treasure special fried rice with chinese Lup Cheong, shrimp, free range egg, scallops & sugar peas.


Almond milk shake, honey date pudding & osmanthus goji berry cake.

Note: If you need alternatives for vegetarian or non-seafood diets please ask our team for substitute dishes. Substitute dishes only available by prior arrangement. Ph: 6232 7997

Wild duck events

Wild Duck celebrates major calendar events and also offers its own special nights for your enjoyment. Look on this page for upcoming wine tastings, cultural celebrations and other exciting events to be hosted at Wild Duck soon.

If you would like to host your own event contact our friendly team who will gladly assist you to develop a great occasion.